‘In a gentle way, you can shake the world.’  Mahatma Ghandi.

I offer reflexology in Dorset and Hampshire, UK.

Today, so many of us, male, female, old and even young, are saying how stressed we are, rushing through every day and desperately hoping for some down-time that restores and refreshes us. Part of my remit and passion as a Reflexologist is to give you the space and permission to recharge. We all need time-out!

‘With today’s health trends, I believe reflexology is one way of taking responsibility for our wellbeing; physically, mentally and emotionally.’  Emma Goodman

Reflexology offers a natural non-invasive way of improving health and wellbeing, supporting the body to function better and revitalise its systems. This is achieved by manipulating and applying pressure to specific areas and points on the feet or hands, which promotes and stimulates the body’s natural balancing and healing processes.

As well as being a fully qualified Reflexologist, I specialise in the Conception Journey – support for men and women;  Maternity Reflexology – from conception through to birth;  RLD – Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage;  Chinese Foot Massage – a vigorous and deep massage of the feet and lower legs;  Hot Stones Reflexology – warm stones calm the senses, relax muscle tension and promote a meditative restful state;  Spinal Reflexology – based on stimulating spinal reflexes on the feet.


Treatments are held at my home in Highcliffe Dorset.


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If you’d like to contact me, please feel free to send me an email, give me a call (leave a message if I’m not available) or contact me through the form below.

Email:  emma@therapeutic.life

Mobile:  07917 324904